Renewal of Vows Ceremonies - to renew your wedding vows

RENEWAL OF VOWS                        
A renewal or reaffirmation ceremony allows you to renew your original marriage vows, promises and commitment to each other.
Renewal ceremonies can be celebrated for various reasons:
You may have been married overseas, or interstate, and you want your immediate family and friends to be a part of your wedding vow renewal.
You want to reaffirm your love and commitment for each other.
To celebrate a special wedding anniversary by renewing your marriage vows.
Some couples may have been through a difficult time in their lives and use a renewal ceremony as a symbol of their positive hopes for the future and their commitment to move forward together.

I will write a ceremony to suit you and your circumstances. You can have as much, or as little input, into the wording and choice of readings as you wish. It is not a legal Marriage Ceremony as such, but follows a similar format. You will be presented with a reaffirmation certificate as a memento of your decision to renew your marriage vows. 

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