Why Do We Get Married?

Over the past few decades, since the freedoms found in the 60's and 70's, our traditional beliefs about marriage have been questioned. Many people say something like "it's only a piece of paper" and that marriage is an outdated system and that society no longer frowns on couples who live together without being married. So, why get married?

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There are many studies that give clear evidence that being married is better for you physically, emotionally, financially, sexually and spiritually.  Some of the benefits found in these studies are:

  • Marriage has real advantages compared with living together. Couples who live together usually have different expectations of the relationship.  There is often a lower level of commitment as living together can be seen as a  short-term advantage.  This leads to less settled lives, less likelihood of children, and the couples are generally less happy than married couples. Cohabiting couples are more likely to be unfaithful.
  • Married men and women live longer and healthier lives.  Yes, marriage not only improves men's health it also improves women's.  As well as having someone keeping an eye on your health, people who are married have better health habits, lower rates of mortality and have a social support network that boots the immune system and improves physical health.
  • Married men and women have high levels of mental health and emotional well-being. Compared to single, divorced or widowed men, they experience less depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other types of emotional distress. Happiness increases with marriage and decreases with divorce. Divorce is especially damaging to women's mental health with divorced women experiencing more depression, lower self-esteem, less personal growth and lack of control over their environment.
  • Married people enjoy more sex than singles.  Yes, really! The high levels of sexual satisfaction for marrieds is related to the fact that marriage adds meaning to the sexual act because it symbolises a union that is based on sexual fidelity, commitment and emotional intimacy.
  • Wealth Clearly married couples benefit from the economies of scale, sharing many expenses. They tend to share roles an ways that can generate higher earnings, encourage savings and balance spending habits.Of course, as well as combining incomes, they also both bring their personal property to the marriage, for example,  car, a house, furnishings and appliances. Having two income earners also makes for a high level of economic security.
  • A Rite of Passage.  The wedding ceremony is a social ritual in all countries and all cultures. The wedding day brings together family and friends which helps to consolidate family networks and to provide an occasion to celebrate family. It also makes a statement about your willingness to make a public statement which says, "we're  proud of this relationship and it's worth marrying for!.... and we're optimistic about our ability to make it work. "
  • Happy Children  The children of a married couple tend to be happy in the knowledge that they have a secure family.  It gives them a sense of where they belong.This tends to translate into well adjusted children who will do well at school and in their careers.
  • The benefits of partnership Today's singles have the advantage of being able to test out a few potential relationships.  Relationships experts say that the defining test for deciding if your relationship will work as a marriage, is if friendship is at the heart of it, if you share similar values, and are not afraid of resolving conflicts through effective communication.  Falling in love is just the beginning; a true partnership means that you're not just looking after your own interests but at least some of the time, you are putting your partner's needs first. This is teamwork and how both of you can contribute to a partnership that will make both of you happy and fulfilled.
  • The right age to get married Each couple has their own right time when it comes to getting married.  Sometimes family and friends just have to wait! Wanting to get married should never be done by a time formula. If you feel in your heart that you have found someone you can talk to, are attracted to, grow with and trust, then perhaps you should commit to marriage.  This can happen after a few months or a few years.  So, there's no right age to marry, just the right person and the right time for you!



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